Publishable Summary for 17RPT02 rhoLiq


1 st Mid-term Meeting


The 1st Mid-term  Meeting, meeting for rhoLiq project is held in BEV-PTP, Wien, Austrija from  07 to 08 May 2019.

1st Satellite Meeting



The 1st Satellite Meeting, meeting for rhoLiq project is held in Budapest, Hungary  10.04. 2019.

Résumé & Conclusion

The overall objectives of this 1st Satellite Meeting, held together with the EURAMET TC-M Meeting at Budapest, Hungary, were accomplished with the participation of a total of 11 + 2 researchers from: the consortium BEV-PTP (1), BRML (2), DMDM (2), GUM (1), IMBiH (2), IPQ (1), JV (1), TUBITAK (1); and two extra-consortium participations: Daniela Eppers (PTB, Head of the Solid Density Laboratory, in representation of PTB) and Emily Webster (NPL, from the Mass and Density Laboratory, present as potential member of the stakeholder committee). Partners from CMI, INM, PTB, (Anton Paar) were not present in this meeting, leading to a participation of 8 of the 12 partners (66 % consortium presence). In addition to the points of the agenda, the presence of the Emily Webster (NPL) generate the opportunity to have NPL as a member of the rhoLiq stakeholders committee. Emily Webster has several years of experience in liquid’s density measurements (by hydrostatic weighing and by oscillation-type density meters) and on producing CRM for liquid while was working in the H&D Fitzgerald Laboratory (UK). The hot topics were discussed, and the final decisions will be taken during the Mid-Term Meeting at BEV-PTP in Vienna, Austria, with the presence of the absence partners.

Proceedings of XXII World Congress of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO 2018).


12/10/2018 10:22
Proceedings of XXII World Congress of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO 2018).

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Kick-off meeting and seminar for rhoLiq project

The kick-off meeting for rhoLiq project will bee held in Braunschweig, Germany from 14 to 18 May, and we have officially started with our project.

Grand Agreement has already been signed and signing the Consortium Agreement is the next step.

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